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First steps

The International Welcome Day

The International Welcome Day consist of a welcoming event in which you will be introduced to the different schools and colleges, will have a meeting with the coordinators of your degree and visit the main campus facilities guided by senior mentor students.

As from the second half of July, the date, time and place of submission of your degree will be announced.

Information on our Campuses

Course 2014/2015

Access to Web Services

To access the web services available on the University’s Intranet (Portal Services, Virtual Classroom, Web -Webmail) you will have to activate your unique domain account.

What is this?

The unique domain account consists of a username and password, which enables you to access all online services the University has on offer.

How do I get it?

Once you have completed your enrollment. The University will, within a few days, send you your account details together with the activation instructions to your email address provided on the enrollment form.

University Card

What is the University card or T.U.I.?

T.U.I.stands for Tarjeta Universitaria Inteligente (Intelligent University Card). It is a card issued in partnership with Banco Santander, offering many services on and off Campus.

The URJC’s TUI offers two types of services:

  • Academic, provided by the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
  • Financial, which are optional, and provided by courtesy of Banco de Santander.

How to apply?

New students can apply the following steps:

Access the Services site ( and choose the service “My student card application” on the left side of the page.

Attach a high-resolution quality passport photo taken on a white background, and previously check the result on the card preview.

Check the address to which the card will be sent and accept the application. If the address were not to be correct then you can always change it going on the site ‘services’, ‘my personal details’ (paragraph Residence during the course).

In approximately 30 days you will receive the card at the indicated address. You can track the issuance of the card on the ‘Services’ site through the service "How is my card application going?

If you encounter any incidents related to the issuance of the card you can contact the Operations Unit of the Banco Santander o

What services are included?

It grants access to the University Community premises and the library loan services.

It also offers discounts in shops of the area.